December 11, 2014-9:00 AM

A. Call to Order and Roll Call
B.Pledge of Allegiance
C.Approval of Minutes
1.School Board Minutes of November 18, 2014
2.School Board Reorganization Minutes November 18, 2014
D.Oral Written Communications
1.Academic Scholar Recognition
2.American Cancer Society Relay for Life Thank You Presentatioin
3.Governor's Shine Award Recipient
4.High Water Initiative Student Recognition
F.Public Hearing
1.Request to Advertise Public Hearing on SB Policy Updates
G.Public Forum- (Request to address the School Board regarding an item not on the agenda)
Administrative Agenda
H.Approval of Agenda- Items may be pulled from the Administrative Agenda and placed under the respective Action Agenda category by request of the Board member/Superintendent
1.Human Resource items
a.Administrative Personnel Board AgendaAddendum Added
b.Unpaid Leave and Out of State Temporary DutyAddendum Added
c.Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspections 2014-2015
2.Curriculum/Instruction Items
a.Student Transfer Requests
c.School Volunteers
d.Business Partnerships
3.Financial Items
a.Carr, Riggs & Ingram - Internal Funds Audit for 2014-2015 Engagement Letter
4.Administrative Operational Items
a.Field Trip Requests
b.Facility Use Requests
c.Change of Venue
Action Agenda
I.Administrative/Operational Recommendations- Joey Harrell, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
1.Surplus Transfer Jackson County 121114
2.Surplus 121114
3.Property Inventory Audit 121114
4.Contracted Staffing Services 121114
5.Transportation Quarterly Report 121114
6.DAG Architects Agenda Items
7.Pinder Martin Agenda Items
8.Schmidt Consulting Group Agenda Items
9.Architectural Selection 2014-15 Projects
10.Direct Purchasing Change Orders
J.Human Resource Recommendation- Lewis Lynn Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
1.Human Resource Action AgendaAddendum Added
K.Curricular and Instructions Recommendation – Bill Emerson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
1.Early TerminationsAddendum Added
2.Alternative Placements
3.Tech Centers Rapid Response Grant
4.Articulation Agreement with PSC to establish a collegiate high school DE program
5.Amendment to Articulation Agreement with PSC
6.Early Head Start/Head Start Monthly Report for November 2014 (Review Only)
L.Financial Recommendations – Susan McCole, Assistant Superintendent for Finance
M.Items from Board Members
N.Items from Board Attorney
O.Items from Superintendent
Minutes have not been generated.