January 22, 2019-9:00 AM

A.Call to Order and Roll Call
B.Pledge of Allegiance
C.Approval of Minutes
1.Approval of School Board Meeting Minutes of December 13, 2018
D.Oral Written Communications
E.Recognitions/ Resolutions/ Proclamations
1.National Academic Quiz Tournament Participant's Recognition
F.Public Hearing
G.Public Forum- (Request to address the School Board regarding an item not on the agenda)
Administrative Agenda
H.Approval of Agenda- Items may be pulled from the Administrative Agenda and placed under the respective Action Agenda category by request of the Board member/Superintendent
1.Human Resource items
a.Administrative AgendaAddendum Added
b.Unpaid Leave and TD's
c.18-19 Annual Fire and Safety Inspections
2.Curriculum/Instruction Items
b.Student Reassignment Requests
c.School Volunteers
3.Financial Items
a.Budget Amendment #18/03, Bills and Payroll, and Monthly Financial Statement for November 2018
4.Administrative Operational Items
a.Field Trip Requests
b.Facility Use Requests
c.Religious Venue Requests
Action Agenda
I.Administrative/Operational Recommendations- Joey Harrell, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
1.RFP 18-12 Security System Monitoring, Maintenance and Repair 012219
2.Food Service Quarterly Report January 2019
3.DAG Agenda Items
4.McKim & Creed Agenda Items (formerly Jehle Halstead)Changed
5.Schmidt Consulting Group Agenda Items
6.Elkhart Drive Paving
7.Direct Purchasing Change Orders
J.Human Resource Recommendation- Conni Carnley, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
1.Action AgendaAddendum Added
K.Curricular and Instructions Recommendation – Bill Emerson, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
1.Early Terminations
2.Alternative Placements
3.West Florida Regional Medical Center Affiliation Agreement
4.Community School Salary Schedule Proposal
5.In-County Travel Increase for Federal Programs
6.High School Spring Sports Schedules
7.Central School Early Release for Homecoming
8.Head Start Monthly Report for November and December 2018 - Review Only
L.Financial Recommendations – Susan McCole, Assistant Superintendent for Finance
M.Items from Board Members
N.Items from Board Attorney
O.Items from Superintendent
1.Insurance CommitteeAdded Late
2.Security Task Force
3.Santa Rosa Education Association CBA - Tentative AgreementAdded Late
(If a person decides to appeal any decision made by this board with respect to any matter considered at this meeting or hearing, he/she will need a record of the proceedings, and for that purpose he/she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.)